Discussing The Systems View of Life with Fritjof Capra

Credit: Simon Robinson

Credit: Simon Robinson

Last Sunday Simon and I took part in a hangout with our great friend Fritjof Capra (you can watch the hangout here). This was the first time Fritjof had spoken publicly about his new project – Capra Course – a new online course in which Fritjof teaches The Systems View of Life, his latest book which he co-authored with Pier Luigi Luisi.

Education in Human Values

Education in Human Values

As many of you know, I work in the area of corporate education, and I also have a great personal interest in child education, and particularly the programme Human Values in Education which teaches school children the five universal human values of peace, truth, love, right action and non-violence.

Maria Moraes RobinsonI am already introducing The Systems View of Life into the courses I teach in strategy, change management and leadership, and I really believe that if we are able to transform our teaching practices to focus on systemic thinking, we can have a huge impact on global problems.

I was therefore really interested to hear how Fritjof spoke about the reaction to his book The Systems View of Life from university professors and lecturers, who Fritjof said had at times struggled to introduce this multi-disciplinary book into the single-discipline subjects.

As well as individuals taking the course, the first one which starts in April of next year, Fritjof is also offering Capra Course to universities and colleges, an initiative which will really help students start to appreciate systems thinking and the systems point of view independently.

Credit: Amana-Key

Credit: Amana-Key

In the hangout I asked Fritjof about Capra Course being available for businesses and organisations. Fritjof has created the option for private organisations to have access to the course for a whole semester or year, and this also includes a small number of video calls with Fritjof himself.

This is a really exciting development, since these organisations will be able to take deep dives into the material and lectures in the course, and I can see it being a huge catalyst to changing the way people think about and understand systems and complex problems which all are facing today.

To find out more about the course, see the trailer and to sign up to the mailing list to receive regular email updates from Fritjof, please visit the course web page www.capracourse.net.

You can watch our hangout here:

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