Transition and Wellbeing

Resurgence Magazine have just published a new article on Transition and wellbeing.  Their article by Rob Hopkins includes some quotes from Tim Kasser, who’s interview I published recently on my blog here.

Tim Kasser

As a psychologist who studies happiness and wellbeing, his observations on the Transition Towns Movement were particularly interesting to me:

“All the research I’ve seen, all the thinking I’ve done, and all the people I’ve talked to suggests to me that localisation will do a better job of meeting people’s needs – people will be happier and will live in a more socially cohesive way and more sustainably. Or at least it will encourage all those things… If my intuition about what a resilient community is is correct, then what you would hopefully find is that as time goes on, people will be experiencing more and more satisfaction of their needs. They’ll find that their community is providing them with more opportunities to enact those needs and those intrinsic values. They’ll find that they’re experiencing less barriers to enacting the intrinsic values and satisfying their needs.”

In his article, Rob notes that “a study by Tim Kasser and Malte Klar found that those engaged in activism are more likely to ‘flourish’ than non-activists, and suggested that “engaging in political activism is associated with higher levels of wellbeing”. He also notes that “transition focuses on the concept of ‘engaged optimism’, suggesting that that would be a more useful energy to harness than despondency and fear. It argues that without an enticing vision of the world we want to create we will struggle to manifest it.”

Read the full article

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