Otto Scharmer in São Paulo

Last night I was lucky to be invited to a talk by Otto Scharmer at Instituto Evoluir.

I was greatly interested to see how Otto opened his talk.  He began with the topic of happiness, and introduced the work of the New Economics Foundation, and in particular that of Nic Marks who has developed the Happy Planet Index.  Last year I was taught by Nic when I spent three weeks at Schumacher College on their course “The Economics of Happiness”.

This is interesting for Brazilians, since

Latin America dominates the top of the index. Nine of the ten top-scoring nations on the Index are in Latin America. The highest-ranking G20 country in terms of HPI is Brazil, in 9th place out of 143 nations.

In this video below, Otto introduces Theory U:

At the Strategy Execution Summit that I am organising, we are running an afternoon’s clinic on Theory U, and at Symnetic’s we are great fans of Otto’s work.  I asked Otto last night if he would come back to Brazil next year for our Summit 2012.  He certainly said that he would love to, and so hopefully in the next month or so, if his agenda allows, I will be able to announce his attendance next year!

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